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ISM PhD candidate Rob Marjerison and Dr. Stavan Attwood co-authored and published two books now available on Both authors “immersed themselves in Bhutanese culture for several years,” and in their book The Bhutan Bucket List they reveal the secrets and real beauty of the country. Then, based on their experience living and traveling to Bangkok, they offer 100 challenges “beyond the typical guide book tourist stuff” in The Bangkok Bucket List. They describe it as a journey into “the weird and the wonderful, the obscure and the occult, the kooky and even the kinky.”

For more information, go to  Bhutan Bucket List click here or Bangkok Bucket List click here.  

Michael Wynne successfully defended his PhD thesis on July 29th, 2016. The title was "How Does Unlisted Private Equity Compare with Other Infrastructure Funding Approaches?" The jury was made up of Professor Rodrigo Zeidan (thesis adviser), Professor John Hampton (second examiner), and Professor César Baena (ISM Dean and Director of Doctoral Research).
Donghua University Press recently published ISM PhD candidate Diana Derval’s book “奢侈品品牌营销 (Luxury Brand Management),” and it’s already on’s New Marketing best-seller list.
Originally published in the June 2016 issue of The Global Analyst magazine, Professor Ivo Pezzuto’s article “Venezuela: Crisis in Caracas” appeared on last month. In it, he discusses the global collapse in oil prices, the causes, and the impact of Venezuela’s economic crisis on domestic and international markets.

To read the complete article, go to
ISM Professor Patrick O’Sullivan and DBA alumnus Mark Esposito co-authored an article on the 2016 Social Progress Index in Harvard Business Review France, “L’indice de progrès social, un nouvel indicateur de bien-être.” To read the complete article, go to