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ISM would like to congratulate Rich on his great achievement. His new book, Strategy in Action! An inquiry into the Practice of Strategic Thinking, can now be found on Amazon books (click here to see more

Strategy in Action examines the theoretical foundations of corporate strategy development and documents the work of a team of senior executives as they endeavor to develop a new corporate strategy.

About the Author:
Richard F. Belloff, DBA, is Managing Principal of Leadership Strategy Associates and a visting Professor at Institut Superior Europeen de Gestion in Paris, France. Dr.Belloff holds the DBA Degree from International School of Management in Paris and was a Graduate Fellow at the Wharton School of Business.

In the most recent edition of the International Journal of Management in Education (IJMIE), guest edited by Dr Horn, you will find a wealth of timely and relevant articles relating to Management in Education. This special issue also features an article on "Experiential Learning in the Global Classroom" by ISM Professor Dr. Leslie Shaw.

To read Dr. Shaw's article and many other articles pertinent to Management in Education, click here.

Diana Derval, PhD, President and Research Director at DervalResearch, presented the results of her groundbreaking research on "Hormonal Fingerprint and Taste Perception" at the annual meeting of the Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology this past June (see poster here).

Based on measurement and observations performed between November 2008 and January 2009 on 500 people from over 25 countries, Diana Derval discovered a link between the perception of taste and one's job and hobbies: Entrepreneurs are more likely to be super-tasters, web designers tend to be medium-tasters, nurses and rugby men non-tasters—they host fewer taste buds on their tongue and can therefore eat or drink almost anything including bitter, spicy and very sweet food.

Put Your Corporate Social Responsibility Act Together, by Dr. Mark Esposito, explores ways in which corporations can increase employee satisfaction, decrease their carbon footprint, and maintain good business practices while reaping the continued benefits of yearly revenue. With examples of successful Corporate Social Responsibility and analyses of the current economic and environmental climate, this book is the perfect resource for any company hoping to improve its impact on both the globe and the community.

ISM would like to congratulate Ronald on his most recent publication, O empreendedor, a didactic and objective guide to understanding the evolution of entrepreneurship.

O empreendedor examines business development, administration, and organization, explaining what is needed to have a successful enterprise. The book also explores the social and environmental aspects of business plans, which are becoming increasingly important for the sustainable development of business.

About the author:
Ronald Jean Degen introduced the course, as well as the concept of entrepreneurship in Brazil in 1980. He was also a business executive at several companies including Amanco, Fortilit, Schindler, and Abril, and is considered to be Brazil’s expert on entrepreneurship.