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Richard Belloff - DBA Alumnus

“I enrolled in ISM's DBA program with the explicit intention of teaching full-time at the university level. I was both pleased and impressed with the academic rigor of the program. This experience included work with both New York and Paris based faculty.
Importantly, I found the faculty and staff universally supportive of my goal to join the academic community. Much credit must go to Dean Horn, who provided guidance along the way, and a helpful reference as I sought faculty positions. In addition, he was charged with reading my dissertation, not a small feat by any means.
I recommend the ISM DBA program without reservation. It is a challenging program and appropriately so. In the end, the outcome clearly justified the effort.”

Kari Moe Jacobsen- PhD Candidate

Kari Moe Jacobsen : “The ISM PhD program has been a significant source to professional and personal growth for me. The many international locations of the different courses makes the program very diverse and relevant. The Shanghai program was a very valuable learning experience for me. Equally important is the group of fellow students, who represent a range of different countries and continents, as well as professional backgrounds. Combining the opportunity to study at different locations with the ability to meet fellow students with different perspectives has significantly broadened my horizon. The possibility of studying a PhD program part time was also a key reason why I chose ISM, and it has fulfilled my expectations.

Juan Carlos Rivera López- PhD Candidate

“The PhD program offered by ISM truly stands out as a magnificent source of a triad of professional, academic and personal development. The relevance and insight of the curriculum, as well as the Executive format, has allowed me a perfect mixture and balance of my different responsibilities, as well as providing valuable contact with World-Class instructors, updated information and discussions, and the ever important contact with innovative and energetic colleagues. Considering that all of my professional career has being developed at the global level, this program has allowed me to think and perform innovative, pragmatic and extremely skillful solutions to conditions that might seem very complex to deal with. As well, the possibility to attend seminars in various regions of the world, not only enriches the dialogue between instructors and students, but it can also testify to the true global outreach of the preparation and research offered by ISM. After various months of deep inquiry prior to my enrollment, I can confidently affirm that this PhD program covers and surpasses all of my expectations.”

“I have been quite pleased with my experience with the ISM PhD program. My expectation coming out of the program was to have developed a strong research agenda and build upon my teaching experience so that I could move into a teaching position at a good university. I have accomplished both my teaching and research objectives!
The ISM PhD is unique in many ways and this has helped me in my search for a teaching position. Throughout my search, I was very happy with the responses I received to my application materials and the inquiries regarding my degree from ISM. The fact that I had a PhD with a strong international focus is what opened the door for me with many institutions. I appeared "different" than the other candidates.
Being an educator is all about helping individuals succeed in their personal and/or professional pursuits. I found that many of the ISM instructors take this to heart and truly are there to help the students. This approach not only helps the ISM students succeed in their personal objectives but also provides a teaching philosophy that the PhD students can subsequently emulate as they embark on a career in academia.”

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