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Doing Business in India

India presents a unique blend of modern-day emerging businesses and a traditional business culture. This seminar will aid international students in developing an understanding of the competitive business environment through topics such as Indian industrial landscape, the nuances of Indian business culture, and Indian legal and regulatory framework for business. It will also equip the participants with knowledge and skills to make a successful entry in the Indian market.

Indian Economy

The Indian economy has been one of the fastest growing economies in Asia and is rated by the IMF as the fourth largest in the world in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP). This seminar will help students understand the fundamentals of Indian economy with respect to its growth over the past 15 years, and will provide insight into the reform process through which India has emerged as an open liberalized economy from a highly controlled one. The topics discussed will include sectored growth rates with a concentration in the tertiary sector, demographic advantages in India, monetary and fiscal policies, and the challenges ahead in the wake of the Eurozone crisis.

Indian Financial Markets

With the advent of economic reforms and globalization, the Indian financial market has evolved from equity to structured debts and from joint ventures to mergers and acquisitions. This has resulted in the development of a very well structured and efficiently regulated financial architecture. The objective of this seminar is to familiarize the participants with the evolution of the Indian financial markets and the challenges associated with it, and will focus on the structure of the Indian capital market, banking system, regulatory environment, financial instruments and risk management.

Marketing in India

With many top global companies entering the Indian market, the marketing scenario has undergone a phenomenal change over the last few years. Indian markets are characterized by a burgeoning middle class with high disposable incomes and purchasing power, the introduction of many new sectors, and the emergence of integrated demand and supply networks. This seminar will equip students with skills and abilities to understand and analyze prevailing key marketing issues and practices in India which will help them develop innovative and effective marketing strategies tailor-made to Indian conditions. The topics will include recent transformations of Indian markets, market entry strategies, and key success factors for winning over the Indian consumer.

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