Redefining Executive Education

International experience is critical for today’s executive and scholar. ISM offers students the opportunity to fulfill their degree requirements through a combination of seminars in one of several of our locations and through e-learning. Seminar locations other than Paris are packaged as two-week programs. This allows PhD students to gain true insight into the countries’ business policies and culture and offers them a chance to interact with new faculty and business executives.

The New York program focuses on American and international business practices (5 credits). The programs in Asia, Brazil, and Africa concentrate on the booming economies of China, India, Latin America, and South Africa and how to break into these markets (5 credits each).

Please Note: ISM's international programs are included in the tuition fees; however, students are responsible for any expenses associated with travel, room and board, and personal expenses.


For non-core curriculum course descriptions, please review seminar descriptions here.


PhD Core Research Methods Seminars

Introduction to Research Methods

This seminar provides an overview of research methods and the world of academic publishing. The seminar will deal with knowledge claims in the social sciences, the fundamentals of research approaches and methods, basic elements of conducting research, as well as ethical dimensions of studies.

Research Methods

This seminar provides an overview of quantitative and qualitative methods, approaches and tools, not to mention mixed methods approaches. Students will develop their ability to carry out research and interpret data. Guidance and practice using specific software tools will be provided.

Advanced Quantitative Methods

This seminar will cover advanced empirical and statistical methods, approach, and tools. It will provide doctoral students will sufficient knowledge and skills to perform and critique sophisticated quantitative analysis.

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