About ISM

The International School of Management (ISM) is a specialized, accredited business school based in New York, with study options on four different continents.

We give students the global perspective they need to thrive as modern business leaders. We do this by keeping our classes small, select and culturally diverse, and by offering programs in major commercial hubs around the world.

Maurice Forget
Maurice Forget
Director of
Doctoral Studies


Our mission is to develop globally-minded business leaders and innovators. Our graduate and doctoral programs are flexible, learner-centered, and they imbue our students with our practice-oriented focus on research. Designed primarily for working professionals who want a truly global learning experience, our study options are available on multiple continents and online, yielding an internationally diverse alumni community representing over 130 nationalities.


Our founder Jack Forget opened ISM to challenge the traditional business school model.

His vision was for an outward-looking school that champions innovation and new ways of teaching. It would be a truly global institution, rooted in Paris with partnerships in emerging markets around the world. Students from all continents would learn from professors of the highest grade, and build a valuable professional network while they study.

The ISM of today retains the strength and agility of this founding philosophy. Now headquartered in New York, we have partner institutions around the world. We continue to give students the niche skills, global perspective and lifetime contacts they need to flourish as leaders.


Our students are ambitious. They're driven to reach the top. So while a solid base of theoretical knowledge is important, actionable insight and experience is essential.

We select our professors for both their teaching excellence and their on-the-ground business acumen. When they're not at ISM, they can be found leading companies, teaching at top business schools around the world, and influencing the direction of international business practice.

Our small, interactive classes enable close-up access to our professors' expertise. And because our students are experienced professionals in their own right, they have the chance to share original insight and inform what happens in the classroom.


ISM students are high-level executives with demanding schedules. Their time is a precious resource, and they need their studies to fit around their career and lifestyle.

This need for flexibility inspires everything we offer. Students can combine face-to-face courses with e-learning, and attend overseas courses at one of our partner institutions around the world.

We also let students customize their studies and focus on what matters most to their career. Depending on which degree they choose, they can follow a generalist pathway in International Business Management, or specialize in Finance, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Strategic Technology Management, or Learning and Development.


For our students, the benefits of studying at ISM continue far beyond graduation day.

The classmates and professors they meet during their time at the school form a lifetime professional network, with ideas, support and opportunities that transcend business sectors and geographical boundaries.

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  • ATHEA Accreditation

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