Redefining Executive Education

The Global Conference on Advances in Management, ESCP Europe Business School and the Davis College of Business, Jacksonville University are holding a conference at Jacksonville University on 19-20 July 2016.

There are two tracks:

1. Advances in Management (19 July):This tra ck is open to submissions on a wide range of topics. Contributors may be academics, business people, public servants and members of civil society with relevant, useful and engaging content to share. You will find a suggested list of topics in the attached call for papers.

2. Islamic Radicalism in the Workplace (20 July):Recent events in Europe and the USA have demonstrated that Islamic radicalism is the overriding challenge of our times. It goes far beyond questions of tolerance, accommodation and diversity and has become a major threat that will pose a challenge to corporates worldwide for at least a generation to come. A 2015 survey of 1,296 French managers revealed that 50% had to handle religion-based workplace problems on an occasional or regular basis. These problems ranged from absenteeism for religious feasts to interference by external religious representatives, collective praying and refusal to work with a female colleague. These issues are also problematic for corporates in the USA, where thousands of lawsuits have been filed for alleged discrimination. In extreme cases employees have been beheaded or shot.

This groundbreaking conference is endorsed by Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman and CEO of GE, who has described it as a "very important event". The organizers have engaged a top-notch panel of speakers for 20 July, including a Lieutenant-Colonel from the French counter-terrorism agency, a former Turkish Chief of Police who has advised the Department of Homeland Security and the Senate, as well as international analysts and psychologists specialized in radicalization.

To register or submit a paper, please click here:

For more information please contact Dr. Leslie Shaw, Associate Professor, ESCP Europe Business School by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..