Redefining Executive Education

“As a PhD candidate at ISM, my studies so far have made a significant impact in my life in teaching. My courses at ISM have provided a major contribution to my students’ experiences at Rockhurst. The International Capital Markets course, for example, was very, very good in helping me and subsequently my students understand the dynamics of markets and why they move. In fact, several of them said at the end the Capstone Course that it brought together the practical and applied aspects of their experiences in their business studies; this effect was a direct result of my courses at ISM. It has positively changed the way I approach my courses at Rockhurst; a real benefit for the students and for me.”


Academic Activities:

  • Executive Professor of Management, Co-Director of Executive Education: Rockhurst University, Helzberg School of Management, Kansas, USA
  • Teaching: Business Policy, Corporate Strategy and Business Ethics

Professional Activities:

  • White and Company, LLC: Consultancy focused on mature industries and long-lived assets