Redefining Executive Education

“As a PhD candidate at ISM, my studies so far have made a significant impact in my life in teaching. My courses at ISM have provided a major contribution to my students’ experiences at Rockhurst. The International Capital Markets course, for example, was very, very good in helping me and subsequently my students understand the dynamics of markets and why they move. In fact, several of them said at the end the Capstone Course that it brought together the practical and applied aspects of their experiences in their business studies; this effect was a direct result of my courses at ISM. It has positively changed the way I approach my courses at Rockhurst; a real benefit for the students and for me.”

“I have encountered no hesitancy on the part of the four universities for which I have worked with regard to the quality or certification of my degree from ISM. It has afforded me opportunities I never considered possible – tenure track – and I now spend more time instructing in MBA programs than working solely within my field of study, International Business.
Within the United States, there is also an apparent caché associated with a degree from a European-based University, with particular application to the concept of global management disciplines. My experience is that American doctorate programs with the same specialty tend to focus on the application of American business & management applications to international business, rather than focusing on how business is done internationally. While nuanced, it is a much broader and more valuable base of knowledge.”

"Like several of my colleagues at ISM, my goal was to transition from senior corporate management into higher education. I chose ISM because of the international context and focus of the program as it was my intention to work internationally. In addition to helping me achieve these goals, the PhD program gave me exposure to a wealth of interesting, relevant and important subject matters, taught by very talented, knowledgeable and experienced faculty, and the chance to meet and engage with a very diverse and interesting group of PhD and DBA candidates."