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Marcela Madero Madero - IMBA Student - Chile

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On the Move
IMBA Student Blog

Slaw (hello) from Kurdistan! My last post mentioned how my application to move to Iraq had been successful. So here I am in Erbil, in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, where I've been since January 26.

Created: 15 February 2018
Ready To Start
IMBA Student Blog

I started my first job shortly after completing my first degree, and I found that the real workplace was quite different from the classroom and from the internships. It was a rough immersion into the real world. Eighteen years and a number of jobs...

Created: 28 March 2014
What a Month
IMBA Student Blog

I am preparing to leave Liberia for good, with no clear work destination or timeframe to date. After some insane months, I have finally made peace with the fact that I am not the one who gets to choose this time, and that I have no control on the timing of...

Created: 28 March 2014

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