Redefining Executive Education

The table below compiles data from the most recent ISM Alumni Survey (2016), which is conducted approximately every two years.

ISM Alumni Survey 2016Percentage of Respondents Employed at Time of SurveyPercentage of Respondents Whose Salary Increased Since GraduationPercentage of Respondents Who Received a Promotion in the Last Two YearsPercentage of Respondents Whose Salary Increased Over the Past 2 YearsFinal Salary Amount (More than 100k)
ALL ISM STUDENTS 96% 46% 47% 62% 55.5%
PhD Program 100% 45% 50% 36% 73%
DBA Program 89% 42% 42% 63% 62%
IMBA Program (both Full-time & Executive) 100% 50% 50% 86% 31.5%

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