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Disruptive Innovation is a unique course that examines the trajectory of “Innovation” in its theoretical and practical evolution. The course will focus not only on idea generation and the general principles of innovation management, but also on the new frontiers of creativity and the technological sources of sustainable competitive advantage for firms. The art of innovation is undoubtedly a necessary skill for entrepreneurs, but it is also becoming increasingly more important for anyone in the corporate world aiming to succeed and to outperform competition.

This course aims to provide students with a set of “hands- on” tools and methodologies to harness the promise of innovation in their business. It aims to explain how disruptive technologies replace older technologies – and how the strengths of well-managed companies can also be a barrier to their own creativity and innovation. The course will examine the theory of disruptive innovation and deconstruct radical versus incremental economic, technological and cultural change.

The course is built largely upon on the ground-breaking work of Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen, the author of The Innovators Dilemma (1997). Examined through a series of frameworks and tools students are expected to achieve competence of constructing and deconstructing change, innovation and assessing the likelihood of successful diffusion. The course aims to provide methodological frameworks, tools, and guidelines for managers to help them make their companies more effective and to maintain their future market share.


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