Dr. Hanadi Taher holds a PhD in Money, Finance and International Economics. She is an Associate Professor in the Economics Department at the Faculty of Business Administration at Beirut Arab University, Lebanon. She is an active researcher in Money Finance and Economics and publishes in peer-reviewed academic journals. Her research interests include areas of financial economics and sustainability. Dr. Taher has more than 10 publications in multiple review journals, and over 12 Master, MBA, DBA and PhD Supervisions.

Before her current position, Dr. Taher taught multiple courses at different universities. She delivers undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses at the MBA, Masters, DBA and PhD level, such as Micro- and Macroeconomics, International Finance, Financial markets, Risk Management in Financial Institutions Microeconomics I, Advanced Macroeconomic Theory, Managerial Economics, Macro for the global economy, Monetary Theory, Economic Development, and International Trade. Dr. Taher received both her PhD and Master of Research (DEA) In Money Finance and International Economics from Lyon II University in France.

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