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Redefining Executive Education

Doing Business in China

In recent decades the rapid economic development of China has created numerous business opportunities and engaging in the Chinese market has become a must for international companies. While every company may have its own strategy to enter the Chinese market, the success, or the level of success, depends on many external factors. In today’s international environment, it is crucial to have an understanding of China’s business environment where economic transactions happen, and to be able to make sense of various business phenomena in China.

Examining the Chinese Economy

The objective of this course is for students to understand the dramatic development of the Chinese economy in the past 30 years. A wide range of hypotheses and their empirical support will be analyzed in an attempt to explain this growth. The focus will be on the development of economic institutions that foster economic growth. The course helps students to develop their critical views of “the China model” or “the China experience” of economic growth.

Marketing in China

This seminar will introduce students to non-traditional and innovative approaches to developing marketing strategies in China. It will help develop students' marketing and management skills for doing business in China. Topics will include: the evolution of the Chinese market, market entry strategies and key success factors, characteristics and behavior patterns of Chinese consumers, and brand building in China.

RMB Exchange Rate and Asset Bubbles

This seminar is composed of two seemingly separate parts: RMB exchange rate reform and asset bubbles in China. However, an implied linkage of the two is the monetary policy. Therefore, the purpose of this course is to provide students with a general view of China’s foreign exchange market and security market reform, and, on the other hand, to disclose the internal disequilibrium of the economic development.

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