Redefining Executive Education

Jennifer Morrison MBA student from Canada
"There are small class sizes so you really do get a lot of one-on-one interaction, which I think is really beneficial. All of the professors have been more than willing to accommodate assignments to make sure that your experience is very individualized to what you are looking to get out of the program."

Chris Mactaggart, MBA Alumnus from the USA
"Going through ISM and the contacts that I made gave me the opportunity to get my dream job with my dream company in London. This definitely would not have happened if I had not finished my MBA at ISM."

Eliane Mouawad, MBA Alumnus from the Lebanon
"My aim behind the ISM MBA program was to reach a leadership role, which I have achieved in my new position at GlassView as European Account Manager. I would have never attained this professional maturity without the diverse and rich MBA program at ISM."

Ana Carolina Jimenez, MBA Alumnus from the USA
"One unique thing about ISM is the personal relationship you are able to build with the students, professors and administrative staff. Everyone uniquely cares about your success. Earning my degree at ISM gave me the opportunity to continue to develop professionally, as well as make true friends through this journey."

Rodrigo Sellustti, MBA Alumnus from Uruguay
"The diversity was what made the seminars really interesting. We learned from each other how things were done differently or how cultures managed the same situations in different ways."

Johannes Schwarzer, MBA alumnus from Germany
"The full-time MBA at ISM allowed me to study in a program that was truly international, often with more than ten different nationalities in a small group of students. We received intense face-to-face classes and had the opportunity to work in international teams to develop new strategies or solve complex business tasks."

James Cody Fox, MBA Student from the USA
"So far, I have had the opportunity to study with and learn from students and professors from six continents who come from a variety of different countries and cultures. Learning side-by-side with these individuals has already given me tools to successfully improve my global perspective and expand my network to different corners of the world."

I saw the ISM website and I found out that the school was really everything I was looking for. It’s international, for one thing. It’s also based in Paris, which is an enormous business center. I had already lived in a couple other European countries, and I decided I wanted to know France and learn French. What I like are the seminars. You really learn things you’ll use. Other schools teach this unusable information, but at ISM they constantly remind you to apply theory to practice, to make the leap. International Finance, for example, was a real eye opener for me. Some courses are just too short, and that was one of them. An accredited MBA like ISM’s is a real plus in the job market, and it translates to credibility for the entrepreneur. I haven’t decided on my course after graduation yet, but I’m sure ISM will be a plus whichever path I decide on. The thing is, you really do an MBA to meet people, people from all over, people you want to work with. At ISM I’ve found people whose work I respect, whose values I share, and with whom I may eventually collaborate.

The MBA is an American qualification, so I thought the best option would be an American school with an international environment. ISM turned out to be a place where I could learn about other cultures and peoples and discover myself in the process. I’m Irish, but it’s funny how a Kenyan friend of mine, who’s also coming from a former British colony, will think about problems and approach in the same way as I do. French students, or students from French West Africa, will approach it differently. I think my MBA has made me more mobile. Although my background is in financial reporting, I wrote my thesis in risk management, and I know I can transfer to that sector without having to start from scratch.

When they think about going to business school, most people think of going to America, but I spoke English and wanted to learn a new language, so I looked at Europe, and found ISM.