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I have always been drawn to, as well as interested in discovering, emerging markets. Having the opportunity to do the program on Doing Business in Africa through ISM, I was already excited about the program at the beginning of my studies. I began planning my trip to Cape Town during the summer and was counting days until my departure. In my previous blog, I shared my experience with the program itself. For this post, I will share my experience beyond the seminars.

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The highlight of my first year studying at ISM was attending the program on Doing Business in Africa. It took place at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business in Cape Town, South Africa, during the months of October and November. This was my first trip to the African continent ever, and also my first group of seminars outside of Paris with ISM. I had such a great time there.  The trip was so enriching and valuable; from the quality of seminars, exploring the city and surrounding areas, culture and communities, to making lifelong friendships with other attendees of the program. I have decided to devote two blog posts to my trip to Cape Town. In this first one, I will describe the seminars. For my next post, I will share my experiences from trips as well as other activities I did in my free time there.

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