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The Journal of International Business

ISM has published four issues of its own journal, The ISM Journal of International Business. Students, faculty and the wider public are invited to make submissions to the journal when a call for papers is announced. Many students have published papers in the journal; some of these started as final research papers for ISM seminars.

The objectives of The ISM Journal of International Business are to establish an effective channel of communication between international business practitioners, policy makers, government agencies, not to mention academic and research institutions. The international dimension is emphasized in order to overcome cultural and national barriers and to seek greater synergy among global stakeholders.


In the 21st century, companies have to excel in their business practices in order to compete in global markets. Business excellence is the application of quality management strategies, techniques and tools to achieve world-class performance. The primary goal of The ISM Journal of International Business is to highlight those international business practices which sustain business excellence. It is a refereed, multidisciplinary journal for bridging the latest advances in international business and systems research.

Aim and Objectives

The objectives of The ISM Journal of International Business are to establish an effective channel of communication between policy makers, government agencies, academic and research institutions and persons concerned with the complex role of business and globalization. The international dimension is emphasized in order to overcome cultural and national barriers and to meet the needs of accelerating technological and ecological change and changes in the global economy.

It also aims to promote academic discussion and strategic thrust for practitioners on managing global competition in products and services for all sectors including agricultural, industrial, pharmaceuticals and services within the taxonomy of markets through original research that contributes ground-breaking knowledge and understanding to the field of competitive dynamics and international business studies.

Publishing high-quality conceptual and empirical papers that advance knowledge in the areas of competitiveness and robust business leadership in the international business environment; The ISM Journal of International Business highlights systems thinking and business modeling issues. This perspective envisages the growth conduit of business firms influenced by globalization and growing competition.

In addition, it fosters research that incorporates the concept of the interrelationship of structures and processes in managing competition-led challenges and provides a global medium for applied research papers, case studies, short communications and reviews on contemporary business practices with reference to the competitive strategies, core competencies, tactical approaches, and behavioral dynamics of markets, decision metrics and sustainability of firms.


Academics, research workers and students - especially graduate students in doctoral, MBA and similar programs; executives and managers, policy makers and administrators in private and public sector enterprises and systems; management consultants and specialists in the management of education.

Call for papers

Information about the next issue of the ISM Journal will be announced shortly.

The ISM Journal of International Business
Executive Editor: César Baena - Dean & Director of Doctoral Research of the International School of Management - France

Members of the Editorial Board:

Dr. Andrew R. Thomas, PhD
Assistant Professor of International Business
University of Akron
College of Business Administration

Dr. Mark Esposito, PhD, DBA
Dean of the MBA and IEMBA program
International School of Management
and Associate Professor of People, Organizations & Society
at the Grenoble Ecole de Management

Dr. Stanley J. Smits, PhD
Professor and Chair Emeritus
Department of Managerial Sciences
Robinson College of Business
Georgia State University

Prof. Guillermo C. Jimenez, JD
Assistant Professor of International Trade
Department of International Trade and Marketing
State University of New York - USA

Dr. Leslie J. Shaw, PhD
Associate Professor
ESCP Europe

Dr. WAJ Van der Zande, RE., MIM., PhD
Visiting Professor
International School of Management

Dr. K. Matthew Wong, PhD, CFA, JD
Associate Professor of Finance
Department of Economics & Finance
Tobin College of Busines
St. John's University USA

Dr. Michael E. Gordon, PhD
Adjunct Lecturer:
Babson College/Harvard University Extension School/
International School of Management
CEO, Center For Competitive Success and

Dr. John Hampton, MBA, DBA
KPMG Professor of Business
Director of Graduate Business Programs
Saint Peter’s College

Dr. JC Spender BA, MA, PhD, FRSA
Visiting Professor ESADE (Universitat Ramon Llull) and LUSEM (Lund University)

Please contact, Executive Editor, Matthew Andrews (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with any questions or comments concerning The ISM Journal of International Business