We are the International School of Management (ISM) – a specialized business school based in Paris, France, with partner institutions on four different continents.


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The student view

Studying at ISM is a great way to learn, see the world, and expand your international network.

The flexibility that ISM offers is truly unparalleled. The ability to seamlessly transition between regular lectures and distance-based e-learning is yet another advantage.

The entrepreneurship course I took at ISM was pivotal. The professor was able to create a shift in the how we viewed innovation and entrepreneurship.

The small class sizes help us connect to the professors.

I found it very helpful that you can break your coursework into manageable amounts so you can really focus on the coursework, but also continue to have a normal work and family life.

I've been able to study with 18 different nationalities in a group of 20 students. The diversity of opinions and perspectives is truly remarkable.

Going through ISM, and the contacts that I made, gave me the opportunity to get my dream job with my dream company in London. This definitely would not have happened if I had not finished my MBA at ISM.

ISM is very hands-on with the development of its students and creates professionals destined for greater horizons.

Having an international DBA with ISM allows me to make an impact globally.

ISM offers flexibility without compromising the quality of the academic experience.

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    ISM DBA Alumnus Ronan Le Bouc published a book titled “Practical Handbook on European Financial Passport” which discusses the holistic view of the development of...
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    Professor Ivo Pezzuto contributed to an article in TIME magazine titled "Sanction on Russa Will Hurt—and Help—the World's Economies." Pezzuto, who is a professor of...
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    ISM DBA candidate Vladimir Korovkin co-authored a book titled From Rhino to Unicorn: How Fortune 500 Companies can Evolve for the Digital Era. The book discusses...

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