Redefining Executive Education

ISM students and alumni represent more than 90 countries throughout the world. You can choose to view testimonials by country or by program or a combination of both. You can also browse through the testimonials further down this page.

Yul Bahat, IEMBA Alumnus from Israel
"The program exposed me to a wide array of topics I had never before considered. This has helped me to make a personal transition from a professional in my field to a manager with the ability to see a much bigger picture from a business perspective, and to understand organizational choices and motivations which at times had completely baffled me."

Michael Mendy, IEMBA Student from Gambia
"I chose ISM because of the flexibility of their Executive MBA program, which actually gives me the ability to work and at the same time do my course work."

Olivier Vedrine IEMBA Alumnus from Canada
"If you want an International Executive MBA in an international environment while keeping your job, a program that combines academic theory with real world application, and the tools to improve your leadership and strategy skills, then the ISM International Executive MBA is the right choice and the right place to be"

Merit Al-Sayed, PhD Candidate from Jordan
"Networking with other ISM students with a high-international profiles helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. They reminded me of why I came to study management in the first place. The mentorship and support from all ISM members, staff and faculty helped me to find my place at ISM and to reaffirm my commitment to a career in business, strategy and management in Banking."

Olivia Choi, PhD Candidate from Canada
"Strength and diversity across international markets should be the school’s mission statement --helping students really become students of the world."

Annette Templeton, PhD Alumnus from the USA
"I feel that this is such an international experience. Now I'm making personal friends from countries ranging from Egypt to Singapore to Portugal to Nigeria and because we are sharing so much of our professional experiences, we are developing professionally as well. We are sharing not just problems and finishing papers for class, we are actually exchanging ideas about how we might help one another in our careers."

Sthu Zungu-Noel, DBA Candidate from South Africa
"My experience at ISM has been truly wonderful. Three features of the school have been major highlights for me: the diversity of the student body, the flexibility of the program and the cutting edge faculty."

Grace Chew, PhD Candidate from Singapore
"The decision to start a doctoral program was not easy. However, I enjoyed the study and travelling to China, Paris, New York and Brazil to mingle with all the high quality cohorts and lecturers."

Kimberly Reeve, PhD Candidate from the USA
"I knew that I didn’t want to leave my work for an extended amount of time. One of the things that I value about ISM is their flexibility in allowing us to essentially have the condensed modules where you're on site for three to four days at a time to take a course. I found it very helpful that you can break your coursework into manageable amounts so you can also continue to have a normal work and family life."

Jennifer Morrison MBA student from Canada
"There are small class sizes so you really do get a lot of one-on-one interaction, which I think is really beneficial. All of the professors have been more than willing to accommodate assignments to make sure that your experience is very individualized to what you are looking to get out of the program."

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