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ISM offered the only part-time PhD program in Europe at the time, and the program’s flexibility allowed me to study and work in parallel. From the very first class, there was an aura of celebration and a euphoric exchange of knowledge that continued in all ISM courses, creating an amazing feeling that I will never forget.

While studying, I attended courses in Paris. Paris is a magnificent city that adds to the overall experience. I felt more inspired, with more energy to study hard with every visit to Paris for my courses. The variety in the curriculum, combined with the geographic flexibility, provides students with unique international experiences. And the culture, knowledge, and age diversity of ISM’s community is unparalleled — something that I strongly believe is the key to ISM's success.

Despite the personal challenges I faced throughout the course of my PhD program, the support and understanding from my supervisor and the faculty motivated me to successfully complete the program and achieve one of my personal goals: to become a Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) expert! This degree signifies the beginning of a new chapter in my professional career and brings me closer to creating the first globally SCRM center of excellence.

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