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Prior to my enrollment at ISM, I had a well-rounded career as an engineer and management consultant in the United States. While working as a management consultant, I was frequently traveling, mostly domestically in the United States, and increasingly doing work which I no longer found interesting or challenging. There was an aspect of consulting which I enjoyed: specifically, coaching and mentoring. For this reason, I wanted to learn more about it and get out of the routine of constant travel. 

ISM represented a new and exciting opportunity to follow a path where I could study what was really interesting to me and get back to international work and travel. ISM allowed me to focus on a PhD dissertation topic of my choice, unlike other research universities that required targeted research under a tenured professor. My experience at ISM was wonderful, as I lived in the 7th arrondissement and immersed myself in Parisian culture. It was this influence that fueled my interest in mentoring and the craftsman approach to working.

From this experience, I wrote my first book and have since built a very fulfilling new career as an author, consultant, coach, and speaker; allowing me to coach and mentor the next generation of leaders. After reasonable success with my first book, I am working on a second book and rolling out online tools for coaching and consulting. For the right person, I strongly recommend ISM’s DBA and PhD programs.

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