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As the Chief Executive Officer of my business, it is not possible for me to abandon my work and do a full-time PhD course. ISM offered me a perfect match in terms of flexibility. In addition to flexibility, the quality aspect of the course is remarkable. The contents covered were very helpful for my application in the business world. The professors knows the topic both in terms of the theory as well as the practice. In some difficult subjects, they demonstrated sufficient level of empathy and guided me through the challenges. When I was doing my subject on Case Study Development and Application, Professor Len Rogers spent a lot of time helping me through with some very important concepts, which I had taken for granted in the past.

At a personal level, the ISM course had significantly raised my level of confidence in approaching any matters at work or in life. One good example is the subject on Teaching and the Brain. It helped me understand how the brain anatomy works, how it can help me in my work, my personal life, and in future if I do teach others.

I am really happy to share with others that this is a wonderful course I had experienced.

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