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Prior to joining ISM, I had done thorough research. I had compared the ISM PhD program with various universities from Europe. According to my personal research, the ISM PhD program was the most comprehensive in terms of professional development and teaching methodology. Moreover, I had contacted numerous ISM alumni and from every single resource, I received a very convincing response. And lastly, the Admissions Team at ISM was very helpful in answering all of my questions.

Before beginning my PhD program, I had completed my master’s degree in Logistics, and I had 20 years of experience in the Logistics industry within the Middle East and Africa region. My experience was primarily with large conglomerates and multinationals.

I joined the program at ISM in October 2019 and, unfortunately, by March 2020 the COVID-19 wave had impacted the global community. Despite lockdown stress and depression, the ISM PhD program was my biggest motivation. The practical courses and real-world business case studies were not only exciting, but continuously helped me in my professional development. Thinking back to the classroom experience of discussing problems and solutions with professors and socializing with fellow students always reminds me about the good old days and those were some of my favorite moments during my program. 

The good thing about ISM is that you can choose a number of courses based on your own interest and according to your career progression plans. From that perspective, I found every single course useful and influential. More importantly, Active Investment Management and Global Business Simulation are two courses that have influenced me and changed my perspective in many ways. Prior to COVID-19, I took a few courses in Paris. The in-class learning experience was highly useful. At the end of each course, the social gathering with multicultural and multinational students was always a memorable experience.

As a student, my priority is to complete the required number of credit hours for my PhD program. However, I’ve also learned that as an ISM alumnus, you can stay connected with the school and can continue to attend many courses even after graduation. This continuous professional development approach of ISM is not only remarkable but also unique.

Overall, ISM has made a huge impact in my personal and professional life. My onward career path has become a lot clearer to me. The ISM programs are designed in such a way that it meets current and future business needs. Today, every organization seeks talent that can demonstrate an entrepreneurial mind, analytical skills and visionary leadership. ISM is highly specialized in developing these skills.

At present, I am working for the Government of Saudi Arabia. I am proudly contributing my part in the country's "Vision 2030" program. After I complete my PhD program, I am keen to develop my career in academia in addition to being a business consultant in the near future. The ISM program is perfectly in line with my personal ambitions.

To make the best of your ISM experience, I would suggest choosing the courses wisely. My recommendation is to opt for the courses from strategy, finance, international business and entrepreneurship. These courses will make you an accomplished leader.

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