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I was looking for higher education institutions that allowed me to continue to work as a busy financial professional and study overseas. I believe ISM is the only institution that offers this flexibility. Prior to joining ISM, I was a young professional trying to build my practice in wealth management.

I have had the best experience at ISM. I take the chance to thank you all who are always patient and understanding with my busy life. I am very impressed with the in-person class, as well as the networking events organized by the school. There, I’ve met some of the most brilliant persons I have met in my life.

My favorite moments are during in-person classes. I have only been to courses in Paris, but I am looking forward to going to NYC once in-person classes become available again. I have had the chance to learn from some of the best professors in their respective fields. The Disruptive Innovation, Finance, and Fintech courses have opened my eyes, as well as inspired me to look more into how FinTech will shape the future of wealth management. The most unexpected thing is how the program has given me a new perspective about the business world and opened new horizons for me as a person and professional. 

What makes ISM so unique is that the institution brings together people from different life stages and embraces diversity. We can certainly learn from each other. ISM is the only institution that allows busy professionals to succeed while preparing new business leaders. When I finish this program, I am looking to do a postdoctoral as well to expand my practice as an international wealth manager serving clients in Europe and North America.

To make the best of your ISM experience, you should embrace the journey, share your experiences, and create your network. ISM is the very best school that will allow you to succeed while you enjoy living.

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