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John Welch successfully defended his PhD dissertation with honors on October 11, 2016. The title was "Extending a Contingency Theory of Enterprise Risk Management for Financial Services Firms: A Multiple Case Study.” The jury was made up of Professor Daphne Halkias (thesis adviser), Professor Jack Hampton (second examiner), and Professor César Baena (ISM Dean and Director of Doctoral Research).

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ISM PhD candidate Conrad Fernandes has been appointed to teach two classes at the New York campus of Columbia University's School of Professional Studies. This fall he will be teaching Operations Management as part of their Executive Masters of Science program, and next spring he will teach Strategic Risk Management as part of their Master of Science in Enterprise Risk Management program.

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By Dr Paul Loh, 28 August 2016

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a core business strategy integrating internal functions with external networks so as to generate value for customers at a profit. It is an enabler of customer life cycle which consist of 3 core processes: 1) customer acquisition, 2) customer retention, and 3) customer development (Buttle, 2012). This process entail answers to some key CRM related questions:

  1. Which customers should be targeted for retention?
  2. What customer retention strategies should be used?
  3. How will customer retention performance be measured?

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In a recent article published by The Wall Street Journal, ISM’s Professor Ivo Pezzuto (professor of business economics at Catholic University of Milan, Italy) adds a valuable voice to the discussion on the risks investors are willing to take after a financial loss. The article examines two contrasting theories and makes some thought-provoking observations on the mind of the modern trader. To read the article, go to  this link

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ISM’s Dean and Director of Doctoral Research César Baena presented at the IACBE 2016 European Regional Assembly Conference in Paris on October 14, 2016. His presentation looked at innovative ways to introduce Integrative Thinking in the curricula of international business schools with campuses in various countries. He discussed how to hone students’ Integrative Thinking skills by introducing cross-disciplinary projects in reverse engineering, generative reasoning, and causal modeling. The conference, hosted by the American Business School in Paris, took place on October 14 and 15. Its theme was "Beyond the Classroom Walls: The Future of Business Education." For more information, go to this link.

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