Redefining Executive Education

The ISM Board of Directors was established in 2001. Its mandate is to supervise the management of the School’s affairs in the best interests of all stakeholders. The Board discharges this responsibility either directly to management or through the framework of advisory Committees which it oversees. The Board also has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the principles of good governance are followed.

Officers of the Board serve a three-year term.

Our Current Board:

Prof. Jack Forget

Joel Saltsman
Vice Chair (Senior Counsel of the Group Legal Department at Orange)

Matthew Andrews
Secretary, non-voting member (ISM Director of Academic Affairs)

Eric Monsel
Member (Vice President of Programmes at Dassault Aviation)

Thomas Dariel
Member (Founder of Dariel Studio)

Laurent Wirth
Member (Former Superintendent for the French Ministry of Education)

Standing Committees

Strategic Management Committee (SMC)

SMC was created in 2007. Its mandate is to steer the School’s strategic direction, its mission, objectives, performance, and budget. The strategic planning process requires input from all stakeholders including ISM’s Advisory Boards, management and staff, students, faculty, alumni, and employers. To this end, it is the task of the SMC to formalize, document, and institutionalize a set of policies and procedures that generate the institution’s three to five year strategic plan.

Officers of the SMC serve three-year terms. The current membership is as follows:

Michael Neubert
Chair (ISM PhD Alumnus; ISM Faculty; CEO at C2NM LLC)

Tobias de Coning
Member (ISM Faculty; Chief Director of Strategic Initiatives and Human Resources at Stellenbosch University)

Sara Johnson
Member (ISM PhD Alumnus; Wealth Planner at BMO Private Banking)

Committee for Doctoral Studies (CDS)

CDS was created in 2007 and is comprised of faculty from several institutions of higher education in the United States and Europe. It recommends policies on the nature of the doctoral degrees to the Board of Directors, serves as a vehicle to identify potential internal and external faculty supervisors for doctoral candidates, and uses its expertise in counseling students about the dissertation process.

Officers of the CDS serve two-year terms and may be reappointed. Current membership is as follows:

César Baena
Chair (ISM Dean and Director of Doctoral Research)

Teck Eng
Member (Professor of Marketing and Head of Marketing Group at the University of Southampton)

Ivo Pezzuto
Member(Adjunct Professor at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)

Elias Hadzilias
Member (ISM Faculty)

Outcomes Assessment Committee (OAC)

OAC was created in 2005. Its mandate is to serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas, information, and advice on methods and practices of assessment; build habits of inquiry and a culture of evidence about student learning; keep the School community apprised of expectations for assessment; advise the Dean on matters related to assessment and evaluation; assure the implementation of the School’s assessment plan and to periodically evaluate and revise; and work with those who engage in assessment activities to help them understand or enhance their activities.

Officers of the OA Committee serve three-year terms. Current membership is as follows:

Desmond Cooney
Chair (ISM Associate Dean; Founder and Director of Axis Financial Consultants)

Ivonne Chirino Klevans
Member (ISM Faculty; VP of the E-Learning Board at Hispanic Educational Technology Services)

Alumni Committee

The Alumni Committee was established in 2007 to help shape the School's strategy in relation to its alumni affairs. The primary function of the Committee is to act as a voice for ISM alumni and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors of ISM.

Members serve three-year terms. Current membership is as follows:

Philipp Ueberschaer
Chair (ISM IMBA Executive Alumnus; Associate Director of Corporate Solutions at Jones Lang LaSalle)

Daniel Zagata
Member (ISM DBA Alumnus; Managing Director at Evershore Financial Group)

Alex Smith
Member (ISM PhD Alumnus; Managing Director at Swift Group)

Margaret Goralski
Member (ISM PhD Alumnus; Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship/Strategy at Quinnipiac University)

External Advisory Board (EAB)

The EAB was established in 2007 to help shape the School's strategy and programs. The primary function of the Committee is to assist the administration in fulfilling the School's mission and mandates, as described in its strategic plan. To this end, the EAB reviews and comments on the School's strategic directions for the upcoming academic year with a view to setting priorities.

Member serve three-year terms. Current membership is as follows:

Jean Richardot
Chair (Method and Quality Manager at AXA Group Solutions)

Jad Khaddage
Member (Project Manager at YES ‘N’ YOU Paris)

Tamara Corasanti
Member (Entrepreneur)

Maria Kuts
Ex-Officio Member (ISM External Program Manager)

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee was established in 2013 in order to conduct program and curricula reviews on a regular basis and to make decisions regarding academic requirements and policies for all ISM programs. Furthermore, the Academic Committee deals with questions of accreditation and recognition. The committee may appoint ad hoc sub-committees to carry out specific functions such as approving new courses, reviewing syllabi, or dealing with accreditation and recognition schemes.

Current membership is as follows:

Matthew Andrews
Chair (ISM Director of Academic Affairs)

César Baena
Member (ISM Dean and Director of Doctoral Research)

Mark Esposito
Member (ISM Dean of MBA Programs and Director of Master’s Level Research)

Student Committee

The Student Committee was established in 2016 to act as a voice for ISM students and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors of ISM.

Members consist of current students from the different ISM programs and serve three-year terms.Current membership is as follows:

Merit Al-Sayed
Member (ISM PhD Candidate; Strategic Projects Implementation and Business Development Manager at the Arab African International Bank)

Herb Chain
Member (ISM DBA Candidate; Principal & Managing Member at HMC Business Consulting, LLC; Adjunct Professor at St. John’s University)

Cristina Stefan
Member (ISM IMBA Executive Candidate; VP of the South African Medical Research Council)

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