ISM’s mission is to provide business professionals with a strong and knowledgeable foundation in international business to further their careers.


ISM offers three international business management degrees.


Which path will you take?

The Doctor of Philosophy program at ISM prepares experienced and highly motivated business professionals to embark on careers of engaged instruction and original research, it offers flexible study options: e-learning as well as seminars held on five different continents.

PhD candidates may choose to specialize in:

  1. International Business
  2. Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  3. Finance
  4. Leadership in Higher Education
  5. Strategic Technology Management

I knew that I didn’t want to leave my work for an extended amount of time. One of the things that I value about ISM is their flexibility in allowing us to essentially have the condensed modules where you're on site for three to four days at a time to take a course. I found it very helpful that you can break your coursework into manageable amounts so you can really focus on the coursework, but also continue to have a normal work and family life.

Benjamin Cheeks
Current PhD candidate

If you’re an experienced business executive wanting to shape and inspire future leaders, or an innovative teacher or researcher seeking to leave a mark on your field of study, our PhD is for you. Our PhD provides the platform for you to give back to the business community. It equips you for careers of engaged instruction and opens you up to opportunities for original research. 


Our PhD will refine your teaching and research skills to inspire new thinking in your area of expertise. Globally acclaimed for their applied research, our faculty members are the PhD program’s most valuable asset. They come from around the world, bringing a wealth of professional knowledge and cultural perspectives. You will develop close working and mentoring relationships with them, and they will guide you towards a deeper understanding of how management is practiced and interpreted across cultures and sectors.

Minimum Entry Requirements:

  • Completion of a master’s-level program
  • Average of 10 years’ senior management experience
  • Strong written and spoken English

Don’t meet these requirements? Contact our Admissions Team to discuss your options. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Degree Requirements:

Each PhD candidate must earn a total of 68 credits in order to complete the curriculum requirements.

  • Complete 18.5 multidisciplinary business course credits
  • Complete 6.5 research methods course credits
  • Validate the teaching requirement: conception and execution of one university-level course (10 credits)
  • Complete Case Study Analyses I & II (3.0 credits)
  • Successfully complete a doctoral dissertation under the close supervision of an assigned Director of Research (30 credits)

Degree Tracks:

  • International Business
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Finance
  • Leadership in Higher Education
  • Strategic Technology Management

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