Redefining Executive Education

Is the program offered online or in-person?
Both! All ISM programs can be take both online and in-person. Online courses are offered throughout the year through ISM’s e-learning platform, MyISM. In-person seminars are offered as 2-4 day seminars throughout the year in Paris, and on a rotating basis in New York, Shanghai, Cape Town, São Paulo, and New Delhi. Students can customize their program to take a mix of online and in-person courses to find a balance that suits their interests and needs.
What is the program duration?
The degree programs at ISM are designed to allow maximum flexibility for busy working professionals, so you can design the program according to your own schedule and pace. On average, the part-time program durations are as follows:

IMBA Executive: 1 to 2.5 years

DBA: 4 to 6 years

PhD: 4 to 6 years


Can the programs be completed entirely via e-learning?
Up to 75% of the DBA and PhD programs can be completed via e-learning. A minimum of 5-6 credits for the doctoral programs must be completed in-person. This can be accomplished by attending two weeks of seminars at any of ISM's locations. The IMBA Executive program can be completed 100% online, though we encourage students to attend the in-person seminars when possible.
What is an IMBA?

IMBA stands for International Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Typically, an IMBA features all the academic rigour and meticulous training of a regular MBA, but with a stronger focus on global business cultures and practices. Learn more about the IMBA here.

What is the difference between the DBA and the PhD?

The PhD is a Doctor of Philosophy in International Business Management. The program requires 68 credits, including a teaching requirement. The PhD allows you to specialize in Finance, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Higher Education, International Business, or Information Technology. The PhD is a good fit for students who want a traditional qualification for careers in academia (professor, researcher, administrator).

The DBA is a Doctor of Business Administration. The program requires 54 credits, and has a multidisciplinary curriculum. The DBA is a good fit for students with careers in industry and who want a professional doctorate. Many students choose the DBA for the intellectual challenge, to address a relevant research topic within their business, to prepare for a move into a senior executive management role, or to start their own business.


What is ISM’s ranking?
ISM has received several accolades for its programs. You can learn more on the Rankings & Awards page.
Is ISM accredited?
Yes, ISM is accredited by both the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) and the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). ISM is also recognized by both the French Ministry of Education, and the US State Authority to Confer Diplomas by the Delaware Department of Education. You can learn more on the Accreditation and Recognition page.
Does ISM offer financial aid or scholarships?
Applicants for all ISM's programs are eligible to apply for up to a maximum of 30% scholarship. The scholarship application is built into the Online Aplication. The decision on scholarship award is made by the Admissions Committee once the application is received and the interview is completed. Please see the tuition and scholarship page for further information on specific programs. ISM encourages applicants to discuss tuition fees, scholarships and payment plans directly with a member of the admissions team during the admissions process.
Does ISM offer payment plans?
Yes! ISM offers several payment plan options for the different programs, which allow you to pay your tuition in installments. Please refer to the tuition and scholarship page for program-specific payment plans.
Does ISM offer full scholarships?
No. ISM does not offer full scholarships. The maximum scholarship awarded is 30% of the total tuition. Please refer to the tuition and scholarship page for more information.
Does ISM offer assistantships or fellowships?
No. ISM does not offer any working positions at the school such as assistantships or fellowships.
What do the tuition fees cover for each program?
Tuition fees cover all academic services provided by ISM, including online courses, and the option of taking classes in Paris and at affiliated universities in New York, Shanghai, New Delhi, São Paulo, or Cape Town. Tuition fees do not include travel, living expenses, or textbooks, which will be the responsibility of the student.
Is ISM eligible for U.S. Federal Funding (FAFSA)?
No. Due to ISM's unique international setting, the school does the majority of our financial reporting outside of the United States, rendering students ineligible to receive federal financial aid.
Does ISM require the TOEFL or GMAT?
Applying to ISM consists of a two parts: an online application and a telephone interview. We strongly encourage all applicants to have an Admissions Consultation before beginning the application process.
What if I am having difficulties obtaining some of the materials in my application package?
No. ISM does not require the GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, or other standardized exams. The ISM Admissions Committee believes that standardized tests do not adequately predict student success in the classroom. The admissions process at ISM places emphasis on professional experience, personal interviews, and past academic performance.
Does ISM accept transfer credits?
Requests for transfer credits are handled on a case-by-case basis. To request an evaluation of potential transfer credits, please send transcripts with course names, grades, and credit hours to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or request an admissions consultation. ISM allows for a maximum of 9 credits to be transferred as credit towards an IMBA degree from coursework completed at another institution at an equivalent master’s level of studies. Transfer credits for doctoral applicants will be handled on a case-by-case basis, and subject to final approval from the Academic Department. Applicants are responsible for requesting official transcripts to be sent directly by the issuing institution to ISM. A maximum of nine master’s level coursework credits may be considered for transfer credit towards a doctoral degree if the courses are deemed to be of an equivalent level; this is subject to final approval by the Admissions Committee and Academic Department.
Can applicants visit the International School of Management before applying?
Yes! We welcome applicants to visit ISM in Paris or New York. If the schedule allows, you may even be able to sit-in on a seminar or join a networking event. Please contact the Admissions team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a visit..
Can I still apply if I don’t meet the minimum requirements?
In exceptional cases, the Admissions Committee will review profiles that do not meet the minimum requirements if they are able to demonstrate competency. For example, a doctoral applicant may apply without a master’s degree if they showed 10 years of significant business experience. Please note that these applications must go through an additional approval process, and are only accepted on an exceptional basis. Please contact the Admissions team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or request an admissions consultation with any questions on eligibility.

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