Redefining Executive Education

“I have found the seminars in New York, on the campus of St. John's University, to be well organized with timely and relevant course material. The Professors have been excellent and my fellow classmates in the seminar were impressive and motivated. Participating in these courses has certainly broadened my educational perspective and solidified my decision to move to a career in academia.
Since initiating my studies at ISM in August of 2006, I find it has clearly upgraded my in-class teaching at Wagner! My syllabus is far more detailed, the assignments I provide the students are structured better and I have been able to integrate much of the material I learned from the coursework at ISM into class lectures and assignments. I recently used one of my research assignments as a case assignment in a Strategic Marketing MBA class. I also feel I am more prepared to challenge my students with interesting ideas and materials beyond the scope of the assigned textbook.”

Mark Esposito - DBA Alumnus

“ISM has been foundational to my educational journey as part of their faculty as well as an alumnus of the doctoral program, since 2006 when I started.
It is probably the most exclusive boutique doctoral school I have ever come across, with small size classrooms that allow direct interaction with world class faculty, coming from all over the world.
Flexible in nature, rigorous and empowering, my relationship with ISM is one meant to last a lifetime, as a proud member of their Doctoral community.”

“Studying at ISM has introduced me to a great many opportunities to further develop my teaching expertise through both contact and content. Due to my attendance at ISM seminars, I was able to secure a graduate level teaching position at a French University, made possible by the introduction of one of my fellow students.
And the support network is not limited to students alone. It goes without saying that through my seminars with ISM I have gained insightful knowledge from my professors. However, soon I will deliver a course on Luxury Brand Management to MBA students at the Ecole Superior de Commerce, for which I received considerable support from ISM Professor Guillermo Jimenez, that is readily applicable to my teaching assignments.
The combination of the networking opportunities and the high level of teaching has been instrumental in my ability further my teaching career.”

Joseph Gilkey

“ISM offered me the ability to combine academic research with my 30 years of practical experience, to look at new and different avenues of development, both as a practitioner and as an adjunct professor. The school is unique in that it allows me to continue my academic career while pursuing a doctorate, and at the same time able me to continue my work as a Chief Consumer Officer for the New York Daily News and then move over to the academic world full time as an Asst. Professor and Co-Chair of the Consumer Institute at Saint Peters University."