Redefining Executive Education

“I had already started my position as a Marketing instructor at the University of British Columbia in the Faculty of Business, before I started my PhD at ISM. However, my experience there has certainly led to improved teaching on my part. Having studied with ISM in China and Japan, has also enabled me to contribute many of my personal, international experiences when teaching similar courses, which I find my students truly value. Our discussions have more depth and debates are more lively as a result of my ability to relate real-life examples.
Having the opportunity to teach in the external programs at ISM, which was due to my participation in the ISM PhD program, has increased my stamina and ability to teach longer hours than what I am used to at University of British Columbia and has made teaching day after day easier. Although I had solid teaching experience prior to ISM, the combination of the PhD program's benefits, and the benefits of teaching in the ISM external programs, have cumulatively improved my teaching capabilities.”

“I have been teaching in universities for nearly 20 years now and one of the greatest challenges after having taught for so long is to remain fresh and to reinvent oneself as a teacher over time. Experiencing the high caliber of academics present in the courses in Paris, Tokyo, and Shanghai has given me the opportunity to be the student for a change and to see how others approach the teaching challenge. Consequently, I have been provided with the opportunity to reflect on my own teaching style and I have ultimately incorporated many of the approaches used in these seminars into my own teaching. Furthermore, doing courses such as the 'Brain Based Learning' course has also helped me rethink and reshape what I do in the classroom.”

“I am a visiting professor at Stockholm School of Economics, Riga, Danish Institute for Study Abroad, Copenhagen, International University of Monaco, IPAG, Nice and EDHEC, Nice.
The courses I have developed and carry out are in the fields of cross-cultural leadership, emerging markets, international HRM, international business and global leadership competences. I get the inspiration and cases from my company, Gugin. It is a global operating consulting and training firm specialized in helping companies around the world benefiting from the cultural diversity. Since 2002 we have worked with more than 600, primarily global operating companies.”

Kimberly Reeve - PhD Candidate

“I chose to enroll at ISM because I ultimately wanted to receive a PhD and be part of a global learning environment. What I did not expect was all of the career support and guidance I would receive along the way. I am privileged to be able to take classes with an extremely talented group of classmates, many of whom are educators. As a result, I have opportunities to be a guest lecturer in cities around the word. In addition, several of us have had careers in the nonprofit sector and are writing a dissertation in a similar subject area. Because of our common areas of interest, we have set up an informal support team to encourage each other, share resources and focus ourselves on finishing our writing and obtaining a PhD.
Each of my professors has also been very helpful in providing advice and assistance in my journey to become an adjunct professor. From offering to work with me to prepare a paper for publication in a journal to connecting me to a university that is expanding coursework in my particular field of expertise, my professors have encouraged, supported and done all that they can to help me achieve my goals.”