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I am from India with a bachelor's degree in computer engineering. I chose to pursue the IMBA from ISM to get the international exposure that I had always wanted.

ISM has given me the right platform to develop my potential, showcase my talents, and voice my opinions. Moreover, the IMBA program at ISM developed my capacity to transform my knowledge into real business applications. With classmates from many different backgrounds and cultures, an interesting class-tutor environment, and a team-based approach to learning, the IMBA program was a worthwhile investment for professional and personal development.

ISM is not only adept in teaching international students but also good at taking care of students with superb and fantastic faculty. One particular course that I really enjoyed was Business Ethics, which gave us insight into how organizations work internally. I thoroughly enjoyed practical group work with all of my classmates and the final assignment to develop a code of ethics for an organization.

After completing my studies, I received an internship offer from INSEAD. I fondly remember my time at ISM for the tiny moments I cherished with my classmates during coursework that helped me become the best version of myself. All in all, I must say I will never regret choosing ISM to build my future and reach higher goals in life.

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