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There are a number of merits you may look for when choosing a boutique business school such as ISM: reasonable pricing, accreditation, small and exclusive student body, skilled and qualified teachers.

At ISM you will find all this and some additional surprises:

  • maximum flexibility through attending seminars in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai and online;
  • you rarely find a course where you already know every participant and where you have less than five different nationalities resulting in great discussions with multiple perspectives and diverse experiences;
  • most of the faculty are big names from big universities but all from different parts of the world and with different opinions. You hardly find another business school where you can enjoy a similar learning style;
  • superior customer service driven by timeliness and quality. Any enquiry is usually answered within 24 hrs, most problems or questions can be discussed individually with teachers or staff.

ISM is the right choice for everybody who looks for high quality, flexibility, and an international environment rather than a prestigious brand and a posh campus. ISM is really a smart concept with big growth potential.

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