Abstract: We are short of true global leaders. We live in a crucial moment in history in which true leadership will define whether we can meet critical social, political, economic, and environmental challenges. How we define leadership today may be more critical than ever. This study aims to contribute to authentic leadership research by examining the relationship between authentic leadership and Machiavellianism through the lens of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders community. Young Global Leaders are at the forefront of their respective sectors, pioneering new solutions across boundaries. Their “crucible” moments (i.e., an experience that tests leaders to their limits) brought them success at an early age and shaped their own leadership thinking. The well-established ALQ (Authentic Leadership Questionnaire) and MACH IV (Machiavellianism questionnaire) self assessment surveys were combined with semi-structured qualitative interviews. This study examines how Young Global Leaders combine authentic leadership with Machiavellianism and shares ideas on the future of leadership for next generation leaders. 

Read more in the June 2018 issue of the ISM Journal of International Business (Pages 39-52).

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