Abstract: The development of autonomous vehicles has significantly accelerated in recent years, partially because it is becoming technically more feasible but also because many significant benefits of this technology could be offered to society. This article is based on a qualitative multiple case study focusing on the challenges brought forth by human factors engineering in the coming transition to autonomous vehicle technologies, such as public perceptions, market acceptance, and safety issues. The units of analysis were subject matter experts’ insights on the topic of study. The results of this article focus on improving the image that people have of self-driving cars and on increasing awareness of the benefits and limitations of autonomous vehicles. In conclusion, manufacturers are encouraged to work with the government in order to increase people’s trust regarding safety. To reach a high level of acceptance, it can be assumed that further research is required in order to learn more about concerns and to build solutions that take into account the needs and worries of the end-user customer. 

Read more in the September 2019 issue of the ISM Journal of International Business (Pages 3-8).

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