Black lives matter. The lives of ISM’s Black students, alumni, staff, faculty, and all Black lives worldwide matter. This is my moment to express solidarity with Black members of the ISM community and Black people in the USA and throughout the world. It is my responsibility as the leader of an institution that claims to be diverse and culturally competent to be explicit in this stance. ISM stands strongly against racism in our workplace, our classrooms, and in the academic communities that we operate in. 

Many of ISM’s students and alumni are from Africa, descendants of the African diaspora, or ex-pats living abroad. These scholars contribute valuable research to the business world. Some of them become experts in business-related topics that intersect with the African experience. I’d like to share and celebrate some of that work. 

Dissertations related to the African experience outside of Africa

Emmanuel Imafidon (PhD), “Key Determinants of Successful Work Adjustment: A Case Study of Nigerian Expatriate Employees on International Assignments to the USA”

Onuwa Victoria Ogbolu (PhD), “Social and Economic Barriers to Entrepreneurship Entry: A Study of African Women Immigrants in Canada"

Tiffany Oloke (DBA), “The Business Experience of Nigerian Female Immigrant Entrepreneurs within the Service Industry in New York City, USA: A Multiple Case Study"

Dissertations related to the African experience

Cordelia Egwe (PhD), "The Socio-economic Role of Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises in Promoting Sustainable Development Initiatives in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria"

Dorothy George Ufot (PhD), “Challenges of women micro-entrepreneurs in the Niger Delta of Nigeria: A narrative inquiry”

Patricia Murugami (DBA), “Impediments Faced by Female Leaders in Kenya in 2006-2016: A Transformational Leadership Theory Perspective”

Grant Onokurefe (DBA), "Internationalisation of Workers in the Oil and Gas Industry of Nigeria"

There are countless ways to be a part of the BLM movement. Some protest in the streets, some donate money, and in this case, some become thought leaders. The examples above weave stories with research and provide a deeper understanding of the African experience in the business world, both on the continent and abroad. Being that ISM is a business school, it’s understandable that none of these examples explicitly address systematic racism or police brutality. They do, however, touch on the experience and the stories of Black people, and to some degree address the challenges that Black people face in the business world. One aspect of the BLM movement is the importance of listening to and believing the stories of Black people. These stories and this research is important. 

Here at ISM, we are committed to the continued support of thought leadership of Africans (and African-Americans), and we celebrate the diverse members of our academic community. This is only one element of the work that we do, but I thought it might be useful to provide some real examples from ISM alongside my stance on this issue.

I know many of you in our community are asking questions and wondering how the BLM movement is related to your work at your academic institutions and businesses. Here are a few external resources and tools that you may find useful. 



If you have any other resources you’d like to share, please send them to me. We can (and should) be learning from each other!

I know there is always room for growth and I welcome any feedback on how ISM can do more. Please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

— Alison Knight

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