We congratulate the students who graduated during the 2019-2020 academic year!

International MBA

  • Justice Ewere Gbenoba (Nigeria) "The Impact of Family Business on the Growth of SMEs in Nigeria (A Case Study Of Emerging Market Like Lagos)"
  • Betsy P. Gomez (USA) "TotoMaya"
  • Kenneth Norden Harvey (USA) "Orphan Drug Development, Commercialization and Investment"
  • Irina Iacinschi (Romania) "Sustainability in the hospitality industry a Ritz Carlton Case Study in China"
  • Amanjot Kaur (India) "Terrorism as a contemporary issue in International Business"
  • Marcela Madero Escudero (Chile) "Entrepreneurship in IDP/Refugee Camps: The Case of the Harshem Camp in Erbil, Iraq"
  • Stéphanie C. Naudin (France/USA) "CustomEnglish"
  • Vanessa Thi Hong O'Connor (USA) "How the US government has utilized technology to drive changes in technology"


  • Farshid Alimoradi (Iran) "Knowledge Sharing Within Higher Education Institutions in Tehran, Iran"
  • Michael Todd Boos (USA) "Blended Learning and Executive Development"
  • Samuel Tallé Fogang (Cameroon) "Healthcare Organizations and Enterprise Architecture: A Case Study in Canada"
  • Albin Michael Jacobs (Namibia) "Project Management Maturity: A framework for success in Sub-Saharan Centres of Excellence?"
  • Iris Kastoriana (Israel) "Applying the Technology Adoption Model (TAM) to Explore Consumers’ Perceptions of Wearable Technology: A Multiple Case Study of an Ironman Triathlon Community"
  • Beatrice Mawaba Kemdjeu (Cameroon) "Meeting the Challenges of Building Low and Zero Carbon Homes in Canada: A Single Case Study"
  • Sophia Elhen Maasdorp (Namibia) "The Influence of Organizational Culture on Strategy Implementation in the Public Sector of Namibia: A Case Study"
  • Tapiwanashe James Museba (Zimbabwe) "Assessment of the effectiveness of Fintech on banking digitalisation efforts in Uganda"
  • Umbigay Sharlett Naidu (South Africa) "The Role of Managerial Cognitive Capabilities on Digital Transformation of Large-sized Organizations: A Multiple Case Study from South Africa"
  • José Antonio Núñez Poblete (Mexico) "A Credit Rating Replicator for Non-Rated Companies: A Partial Least Squares - Structural Equation Modeling Approach"
  • Eve Danielle Weatherburn (Australia) "Marketing Skills Required for the Next Generation of Hospitality Marketing Leaders"
  • Jane E. Wiltshire (South Africa) "The Rhinoceros Horn Trade Ban: Can Scenario Formulation Help Build Consensus Amongst Highly Polarised South African Stakeholders?"


  • Raphael Elishi Okwelum Abanum (Nigeria) "The Relationship Between Economic Value Added (EVA) and Stock Returns of Listed Companies in Africa"
  • Merit Salama Al-Sayed (Jordan) "The Impact of Traditional Bank Credit, Alternative Forms of Lending, And Policy Reforms On Financing Mid-Caps And SMEs In Emerging Markets: A Multiple Case Study"
  • Ralf Borchardt (Germany) "India and Germany: A Case-based System Analysis Approach to the Evaluation of the Effectiveness of cultural Dimensions in the Process of Structured Offshored Information Systems Development"
  • Sam Ponnanthanath Chacko (USA) "Aspects of Maritime Transportation Risk: Bulker and Tanker Perspectives"
  • Olivia Tze Kar Choi (Canada) "Analysis on dually listed companies in Hong Kong and China Stock Markets"
  • Tara Kenyon (USA) "Risk Culture: The Cultural Dimensions of Risk and Ambiguity" 
  • Anas saad H Lamin (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya) "Corruption in Developing Countries"
  • Marie Madeleine Nicole Maillette (Canada) "The Canadian Terrorist Gravity Model: The Development of a Dynamic Model Which can be Utilized in Predicting Violent Islamic Radicalization"
  • Jennifer Rebecca Waller Martin (UK) "Innovative Pedagogical Strategies for Networked-Organized Business Schools: A Multiple Case Study"
  • Francis Mensah (Ghana) "Stock Market Development and Economic Growth: Global Perspectives: 1993-2016"
  • Mirta Michilli (Italy) "The journey towards a growing diffusion of entrepreneurship learning and culture in society"
  • Elsa-Sofia Morote (Peru) "Ethnic Chambers of Commerce and Their Effects on Immigrant Latino Entrepreneurs’ Business Performance"
  • Bisola Olabisi Iretunde Onajin-Obembe (Nigeria) "Analysis of Physician Anaesthesia Workforce Crisis in Nigeria: An Insider's Action Research"
  • Andrea Valenzuela Rivas (Mexico) "Gender and leadership: Relationships between demographic variables and organizational practices that promote equal opportunity for leadership positions for women in Mexico"
  • Mory Soumahoro (Ivory Coast) "Capital Market Development and Economic Growth Nexus: Evidence From the West African Economic and Monetary (WAEMU)"
  • Momodou Malick Willan (Gambia) "Perceptions of student academic and ancillary support service quality in private higher education institutions"
  • Alison Mary Wolfe (USA) "Educating Marketing Undergraduates Using Marketing-Based Experiential Learning: A Mixed Methods Case Study"
  • Laurent B. Yacoub (France) "A strategic assessment exploring the high failure rate of many restaurants in the city of Beirut, Lebanon"


  • Marinus Petrus Lenssen (Netherlands)
  • Erik Lytikainen (USA)
  • Arūnas Padvariškis (Lithuania)
  • Hajime Sudo (Japan)
  • Tamara Lyn Wolske (USA)

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