DBA Alumnus Akintoye Akindele is the recipient of the African Business Leader of the year award at the 2022 African Business Leadership Awards. The award ceremony, organized by The African Leadership Magazine, was held on July 4, during the 7th Africa Summit in London. On receiving the award Dr. Akindele said, “To every entrepreneur, every girl, and woman, your dreams are valid and the future is better than the past.”

Dr. Akindele's book A Love Affair with Failure: When hitting bottom becomes a launchpad to success launched on July 6 in New York. The goal of the book is to help budding entrepreneurs prepare for the difficulties that will inevitably arise and “urge them to be resilient in pursuing their dreams.”

Dr. Akindele is the founder of Synergy Capital Managers and serves as the chairman of Unicorn Group and Diatom Impact. He is also the co-chairman of Whitespace X.

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