Redefining Executive Education

Professor Daphne Halkias, who teaches DBA and PhD e-learning seminars and also serves as a dissertation adviser at ISM, has recently published multiple articles in the past year. These include:

  • Adendorff, C., Halkias, D., Botha, B. & Maliti, V. (2016). Causal layered analysis of South Africa’s inclusion in BRICS. Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, 21(2).
  • Halkias, D., & Denton, J. W. (2016). A novice entrepreneur’s experiences with the coach–protégé relationship: A narrative case study. International Leadership Journal, 7(3), 6-23.
  • Halkias, D., & Komodromos, M. (2016). Social media and the practice of marketing public relations in Cyprus. International Journal of Technology-Enhanced Learning, 8(2).
  • Hunter, S., & Halkias, D. (2017). The psychosocial impact of mobile social networking among young adults in Jamaica. International Journal of Technology-Enhanced Learning, 9(1).
  • Scott, J. A., & Halkias, D. (2016). Consensus processes fostering relational trust among stakeholder leaders in a middle school: A multi-case study. International Leadership Journal, 8(3).
  • Watson, A., & Halkias. D. (2016). Measuring the creativity of marketing vs. non-marketing professionals in South Africa. International Journal of Teaching and Case Study, 5(4).