Redefining Executive Education

J.C. Spender retired from full-time university life in 2003 and has spent much of the time since teaching (especially in Warsaw) and writing about management and the history and vicissitudes of business schools worldwide. His recent publications include two articles for BizEd, the AACSB journal: “A Brief and Non-Academic History of Management Education” and “How Management Education’s Past Shapes its Present,” both published in February 2016. He also has two books out: Business Strategy: Managing Uncertainty, Opportunity, and Enterprise; and Strategic Conversations: Creating and Directing the Entrepreneurial Workforce. In addition, he writes for Revue Francaise de Gestion and has just joined its editorial board.

Cambridge University Press has recently contracted J.C. to edit a series of Elements on Business Strategy. He is looking for contributors attracted to publishing in this list. The topics are not only academic/theoretical; they can also be executive, based on real-world strategizing and, more specifically, management issues in Africa. If you’re interested in being published in the Elements series, please contact the Student Services Coordinator.