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Melissa Strong, IMBA Candidate, studied at Kent State University for her Bachelor’s degree in French Translation, Spanish and Political Science. After her Bachelor’s degree, she relocated to Paris, France where she began work as an English teaching assistant in the Academie de Versailles. After she completed the program, she returned back to her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio to work as a translator/business generalist for McMaster-Carr & Supply. It was during this experience, where she developed her French skills into French-Speaking Canada and developed an interest in Supply Chain Management. Currently, Melissa is working as an account coordinator at Comforts of Home Paris, Europe’s premier student housing provider and working diligently on completion of her thesis while enjoying traveling and immersing into European culture.

Recent posts
Remaining Optimistic
IMBA Student Blog

It has almost been one year since I got on a plane and moved my entire life here. In other words, I sold all my things, gave up my job—and the ease of American life—to come to Paris and rough it out as a Masters Student. When I first arrived, with a lot up...

Created: 22 February 2016
IMBA Student Blog

Since this is my third time around living in Paris, I’ve had the time to thoroughly grow accustom to specific likings, develop good and bad habits—and begun to unwittingly become more familiar with French culture in the process. The way people adapt to...

Created: 22 February 2016
Half Way
IMBA Student Blog

I've officially made it halfway through the MBA Program with ISM. It couldn't have come at a better time as I make my way back to my US hometown of Akron, Ohio. Ohio in the summertime is a magical place to be, boasting sunny skies, beautiful lakes...

Created: 04 August 2015

I will be about half way through the MBA program when I leave at the end of June to go back home to the USA for a two-week period in the grandiose Big Apple. I've visited New York City (NYC) in the past - but just for a couple of days at a time. My...

Created: 04 June 2015
Stop and Smell the Roses
IMBA Student Blog

My parents just came to Paris for the first time for a brief 3-day visit. As we were walking around the city, enjoying the sunshine and warm temperatures, my dad said while taking photos of Notre Dame, “How do you find the time to concentrate on...

Created: 22 April 2015

Before sitting down to write this month's blog post, I did an extensive Google search for "well-known proverbs and quotes about time management". Why you ask? Because Father Time has essentially picked me up by my very thin and boring bootstraps,...

Created: 25 February 2015

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