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Petra Zlota - IMBA Student - Czech Republic

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I have always been drawn to, as well as interested in discovering, emerging markets. Having the opportunity to do the program on Doing Business in Africa through ISM, I was already excited about the program at the beginning of my studies. I began...

Created: 22 February 2016

The highlight of my first year studying at ISM was attending the program on Doing Business in Africa. It took place at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business in Cape Town, South Africa, during the months of October and November. This...

Created: 22 February 2016
The Charming City of Paris
IMBA Student Blog

Whenever I travel to Paris for classes, I try to stay a day longer to get to know the city more as Paris is very charming. You will find yourself adoring the amazing architecture of the buildings, beautiful gardens and the impressive views during the...

Created: 04 August 2015

It is clear that pursuing an Executive MBA program while working full-time is without a doubt challenging. It requires self-discipline and some level of lifestyle change to ensure better time management for studying and writing assignments. Even though...

Created: 04 June 2015
Citizen of the World
IMBA Student Blog

It’s been over 10 years since the last time I lived in my home country. I lived in the United States and now, I live in Belgium. When I am asked today where my home is, I am not able to answer. Is it the town where I grew up, Prague, Denver or Brussels? People...

Created: 09 April 2015
More Than Just a Seminar
IMBA Student Blog

The ISM seminars in Paris are conducted over three consecutive days with eight hours of lectures per day. It's basically 24 hours in total (including breaks), which are spent on one subject. Every student needs to stay focused to absorb as much...

Created: 18 March 2015
My First Seminars with ISM
IMBA Student Blog

At the beginning of January, I attended the first of the many seminars I have planned to take this year in Paris. Although this wasn't my first trip to Paris, it was the first time I went to the International School of Management. About two months in...

Created: 25 February 2015
First Experiences at ISM
IMBA Student Blog

Being a student in the IEMBA program, I have some flexibility to create my own schedule so that I can study while working full time. However, it is essential for me to plan ahead. For that reason, I devoted the first month at ISM to planning. I signed...

Created: 26 November 2014

After getting to know more about my study program and the school itself, I must say there is truly a reason why the school has the word "international" in the name. In one of my previous blogs, I already mentioned the possibility of studying in 6...

Created: 26 November 2014
Why I Chose an MBA
IMBA Student Blog

The investment into an MBA program, whether it is time, money or energy, is significant and requires a high level of commitment. So, it is very important to choose the right program. The MBA market has become quite saturated with many schools offering...

Created: 26 November 2014

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