Dr. Andrew R Thomas teaches Customer Relationship Management in the doctoral programs at ISM. Thomas is Associate Professor of Marketing and International Business at the University of Akron.

He has traveled to and conducted business in 120 countries on all seven continents. Thomas is founding editor-in-chief of the Journal of Transportation Security, contributing editor at Industry Week, and a regularly featured analyst for media outlets around the world.

Thomas received a PhD in International Business at the University of Bucharest, Academia de Studii Economice, an MA in International Political Economy from the University of Akron and a BA in Political Science and History from the University of Akron.


Selected Publications:

    • (2021) William Fawcett, Andrew R. Thomas, Cesar Baena. "Rebuilding Ground Zero: Global Negotiations". The Case CentreWinner of the North American Business Awards for Best Case Study of the Year.
    • (2020) Andrew R. Thomas and Robert M. Schwartz. "At-Risk Populations to Unintentional and Intentional Fentanyl and Fentanyl+ Exposure". Journal of Transportation Security 13:1, pp. 73-82.


  • (2018) Andrew R. Thomas Shale Energy and the Supply Chain: Business and Geopolitical Implications of the Fracking Revolution (New York; Springer)

  • (2016) Andrew R. Thomas Editor. Neuromarketing and Ethics (New York; Springer)

  • (2015) Andrew R. Thomas and Timothy Wilkinson The Customer Trap: How to Avoid the Biggest Business Mistake (New York; Apress)

  • (2014) Andrew R. Thomas Ed. Global Supply Chain Security (New York; Springer)

  • (2014) Timothy J. Wilkinson and Andrew R. Thomas “Innovation’s Second Step” Thunderbird International Business Review 58:3, pp. 273-284.

  • (2011) Andrew R. Thomas Soft Landing: Airline Industry Strategy, Service, and Safety (New York; Apress)

  • (2010) Andrew R. Thomas and Timothy Wilkinson The Distribution Trap! Keeping Your Innovations from Becoming Commodities (Santa Barbara; ABC-Clio). Winner of the Berry-American Marketing Association Award for the Best Marketing Book of 2010

  • (2009) Jon Hawes, Andrew R. Thomas and Timothy Wilkinson “Managing Relationships with Chinese Joint Venture Partners” Journal of Global Marketing 22:2, pp. 109 – 119.

  • (2006) Andrew R. Thomas and Timothy Wilkinson. “The Outsourcing Compulsion: How the Colonization of American Manufacturing by Distributors Has Pushed U.S. Companies Overseas.” MIT Sloan Management Review 48:1, pp. 10-17.

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