ISM’s mission is to provide business professionals with a strong and knowledgeable foundation in international business to further their careers.


ISM offers three international business management degrees.


Which path will you take?

ISM's International MBA (IMBA) is designed for those seeking to broaden their career horizons and gain significant career advantages in today’s competitive job market by pursuing an advanced degree that is both rigorous and flexible.

Students may choose to specialize in:

  1. international business
  2. entrepreneurship & innovation
  3. finance
  4. strategic technology

Diversity in the class is really impressive. I remember one day when we were talking about having to mix up groups, and the teacher said that we will keep all the people from the same country in different groups. We said “Actually, we have none!” That day we had 18 people from 18 different countries so when you talk about diversity, it is really great here.

Raman Khalsa
IMBA Alumnus (2015)

Our International MBA gives you the global edge you need to take your business career to the top. Built for working executives, the program offers all the academic rigour of a traditional MBA, but with a sharper focus on the diverse cultures and practices that drive modern business.


The program is self paced and highly flexible – allowing you to complete it without pausing your career. Choose to study full-time from our base in Paris, or go part-time by combining in-person courses with e-learning from anywhere in the world.

Whichever route you take, our IMBA lets you earn credits at one or more of our partner institutions across the globe. Our programs in Cape Town, New Delhi, Shanghai and São Paulo take a regional focus, giving you valuable insight into business cultures and practices in key emerging markets. Our New York location, meanwhile, hosts an optional two-week summer program for all IMBA students, with courses that offer a broader view of international business.

Degree tracks

  • Specialization in International Business
  • Specialization in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Specialization in Finance
  • Specialization in Strategic Technology

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited undergraduate institution
  • Average of 4 years' management experience
  • Strong written and spoken English

Don’t meet these requirements? Contact our Admissions Team to discuss.

Degree Requirements:

  • Complete a minimum of 32 credits of coursework, through a combination of courses in Paris and/or other locations, and e-learning courses
  • Completion of Case Study Analyses
  • Completion of a Master's Final Project

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