Redefining Executive Education

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My name is Anthony Brown, but most people call me Tony and most of the people I’ve gone to school with since high school have called me T. I grew up in a section of New York City called Harlem, my four younger brothers and I were orphans raised by our Aunt, and I was lucky enough to win scholarships to a private school and then later to Harvard and Stanford, where I got my MBA. I’ve been fortunate to have led an interesting life. When comparing notes on goals and dreams back in high school, I offered up a list of almost completely unrelated occupations against my friends’ goals to be doctors or lawyers. Their derisive attempt to change my nickname to “Renaissance Man” failed, and I became that much more determined to lead a life of many different roles and occupations. Somewhere in college I determined that the right title for these unfocused things that I wanted to be was “Businessman,” and since then I’ve been a manufacturing guy, a currency and derivatives trader, a management consultant and a headhunter. I’ve worked in healthcare, high tech (and extremely low tech), financial services and not-for-profit. I’ve worked with all

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