Redefining Executive Education

The IMBA program cultivates the leadership and effectiveness necessary to tackle the challenges of senior management on an international level. The program is based on an American-style curriculum and centers around a series of highly interactive and intensive seminars delivered by a diverse group of professors, all of whom are respected experts in their fields.

The program is truly international, offering flexible study options: e-learning as well as seminars held on five different continents, and guaranteeing a diverse classroom experience. Throughout the duration of their coursework and research, students benefit from personalized support from ISM staff and faculty, offering an unrivaled academic experience.

The final requirement of the IMBA program involves a Master's Final Project under the guidance of the Dean. Students have three options for their Final Project:

  1. Academic thesis
  2. Detailed internship report
  3. Extended Business Plan (students will need to pitch their plan at ISM’s annual PITCH IN PARIS Competition)

This program is designed to cultivate the leadership and decision making skills necessary to tackle the challenges of today’s global businesses. ISM faculty members leverage students' experiences as well as their own professional experience to illustrate and build on the participants’ management skills and know-how, which are crucial to succeeding in an international environment.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn critical concepts and tools that are relevant to achieve leadership and organizational objectives and goals.
  • Learn how to apply the concepts and tools to various situations; in effect, each participant will make the intellectual connections between tools and context that lead to insight, and vision: the basis for long-term corporate success.
  • Develop and strengthen various emotional intelligence skills such as self-awareness, self-management, collaboration, and teamwork; to better negotiate the potential complexities in organizations. To know one’s self in relation to others is to be empowered.
  • Learn to focus on advancing the strategic objectives of the organization, emphasizing application of theory in practice and identifying effective action.
  • Learn to synthesize, analyze and integrate their knowledge from across the organization and use this knowledge to provide innovative and credible solutions that provide an immediate return on investment.
  • Learn to lead and make rapid, high-level business decisions, develop their global perspective, and expand their network through working with innovative faculty and high calibre colleagues.
  • Learn the quantitative skills necessary to analyze a firm’s quantifiable numerical data and make intelligent and effective decisions.


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