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Globalization and the fast-changing world is affecting every part of business, creating the desire to get current professional knowledge. Even if I had a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing, I understand the need to improve my business expertise constantly. It was because of this that I started my search for a school where I would not only learn academic knowledge but would also be surrounded by accomplished business professionals. ISM was the perfect place for my requirements, especially when I found out about the highly professional environment. I fell in love with ISM at first sight. 

Before entering the IMBA program, I was working on the different business projects of M&A and PE activities. My education at ISM helped me focus on the main business trends and even helped me realize my hidden entrepreneurial talents to set up my own alternative investment company from zero. One of my favorite parts of ISM is the ability to interact with professionally experienced individuals and PhD students in the same courses. Of course, it is very beneficial for young IMBA students to get knowledge from PhD students. 

Moreover, I was impressed by the academic staff who had such deep academic knowledge and professional expertise and were always ready to share it with the students. Their practical experience made them well-equipped to explain core concepts. because the same business subject can be explained differently from an academic and a professional perspective. Apart from this, ISM is very culturally diverse, which helps you to get to know more about the countries other students in the class come from and gives you the ability to ask about the things which are not well known. 

Another aspect which made ISM even more attractive is the location in Paris, being in one of the most famous cities in the world, and, of course, the ability to experience other courses in different parts of the world. Personally, I took most of my courses in person in Paris, and I was living there for quite a while which allowed me to enjoy life there and also helped me to improve my French language skills. In conclusion, I would say that ISM is perfect for people who are searching for flexibility in such a hectic business environment.

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