Economist, author, speaker, teacher
Dr. Ivo Pezzuto is a powerhouse in his field, and a man of many talents. Having studied business and economics for over 20 years, the Italian-born professor is a global market analyst and researcher, consulting multinational firms and financial institutions on macroeconomics and disruptive innovation.

A recognized author of several journals, papers and book chapters, Ivo released a book of his own, titled ‘Predictable and Avoidable: Repairing Economic Dislocation and Preventing the Recurrence of Crisis,’ in 2013. The book – a meditation on the financial crash of 2008 – is widely regarded as one of the most comprehensive publications on the topic to date.

With such an impressive body of work, and with a schedule that encompasses everything from television appearances to keynote seminars, Ivo has somehow found the time over the past 15 years to teach. “I am passionate about learning, understanding and sharing my knowledge and findings” he explains, “because I firmly believe that academic leaders play a prominent role in society as change agents. I enjoy being a part of that process.”

Real-world learning, in real-time
Pezzuto teaches Macroeconomics in ISM’s International MBA program, a qualification that – by its very nature – is complex and ever-changing. “Business does not allow for its leaders to rest on their laurels” he explains. “Plans and forecasts change almost hourly in a space which is constantly evolving, dynamic and interconnected. That is just how I need to be as a professor at ISM.”

Because of this constant flux, the process of planning lessons is somewhat unorthodox for Pezzuto, who amends, improves and upgrades his lesson plans right up until the minute his students enter the classroom. “The reality is, while I prepare my materials months in advance, I have an observatory style of teaching.” With new developments happening in Ivo’s areas of expertise every day, he is forced to be agile in his approach: “40% of what I taught two months ago has now changed. I have to account for new initiatives and technologies that affect areas like fintech, for example.”

Truly global experience
Every lesson plan that Ivo concocts is different, and the same can be said for his student body. “It’s a truly global population,” he explains. “The classroom is brimming with global perspectives and insights from every corner of the globe.” It is an environment of mutual sharing that the professor believes fosters a holistic and considered management style, typical of a multinational organization. “Cross-culturally, we apply different values and different meanings to different things. The classroom is a place we share that meaning and grow as leaders as a consequence.”

No substitute for expertise
As well as experience in an international sense, Ivo cites the fact that his students are already professionals, as a reason that teaching is so enjoyable for him: “They are a predominantly working population of students, people that bring real-world experience to the classroom.” It is an element reflected in his style of teaching on the IMBA program, where he encourages his students to apply everything they learn to their real-world business dilemmas. “We’re not starting from scratch with our students” he tells us. “We are nurturing them to become the best leaders they can be.“

More than executive education
With all the opportunities and initiatives designed to spark his students’ entrepreneurial spirit, Ivo believes they are getting much more than just an executive education. “The students are getting tailored, one-on-one coaching. Their learning experience is something between business school and startup accelerator.” Dr. Pezzuto has seen his students’ ideas grow into real-world businesses that are solving some of the world’s most pressing issues – something that he is immensely proud of.

For more information on our IMBA program, click here.

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