Redefining Executive Education

ISM’s mission is to provide business professionals with a strong and knowledgeable foundation in international business to further their careers.


ISM offers three international business management degrees.


Which path will you take?

The Doctor of Business Administration program at ISM is designed for professionals who wish to advance their careers and deepen their knowledge and expertise as senior managers, as well as share their knowledge through teaching.

The DBA program offers flexible study options: e-learning as well as seminars held on four different continents. The DBA is a generalist, multi-disciplinary program.


So far, I have had the opportunity to study with and learn from students and professors from six continents who come from a variety of different countries and cultures. Learning side-by-side with these individuals has already given me tools to successfully improve my global perspective and expand my network to different corners of the world..

Lauren Wooden
Current DBA student

The ISM Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is designed to cultivate the leadership necessary to tackle the challenges of senior management on an international level. A doctoral degree with managerial relevance allows top managers to deepen their expertise, contribute to the knowledge of their profession, and prepare themselves for the complex analyses and decision-making required of senior management.


The primary objective of the program is to empower senior managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, researchers, and faculty to continue to develop their respective professions through promoting advanced theories and practices. This program prepares candidates for careers in higher levels of managerial positions by encouraging intellectual contribution and the practical application of advanced business theory.

Candidate Profile:

Candidates come from diverse professional backgrounds, from successful entrepreneurs to CEOs, to diplomats, consultants and a variety of other professions. DBA candidates join this program to deepen their expertise, collaborate and network with their peers and faculty members, and prepare for the complex analyses and decision-making required of senior management. DBA candidates are a passionate, diverse group of working professionals joined in their desire to share and expand experiences and qualifications, stay current in today’s best business practices, and reap the benefits of an international education.

  • Educational Background - Hold a bachelors degree or equivalent from an accredited undergraduate institution and completion of a masters level program
  • Work Experience - Average of eight years of senior management experience, steady career progression with increasing professional responsibilities
  • Languages - A strong grasp of written and spoken English is compulsory

Note: Should you not meet the candidate profile, we encourage candidates to contact an admissions representative This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Degree Requirements:

Over a four to six year period each candidate must accumulate a total of 54 credits. This is accomplished through:

  • Completion of a minimum of 21 credits of coursework. This can be done through a combination of seminars in Paris, seminars in other locations, and e-learning courses
  • Completion of Case Study Analyses I & II
  • Completion of dissertation research project. This is an original piece of research relevant to the candidate’s continued career progression and which critically assesses current international business theories, practices and problems.