ISM’s mission is to provide business professionals with a strong and knowledgeable foundation in international business to further their careers.


ISM offers three international business management degrees.


Which path will you take?

The Doctor of Business Administration program at ISM is designed for professionals who wish to advance their careers and deepen their knowledge and expertise as senior managers, as well as share their knowledge through teaching.

The DBA program offers flexible study options: e-learning as well as seminars held on five different continents. The DBA is a generalist, multi-disciplinary program.


During my time at ISM, I participated in all the programs because I was excited about the different locations. This included New York, Paris, Shanghai, and Tokyo. While all of the courses were intense, they offered an opportunity to see how business is done on an international scope; in the marketing and in the trade sites, entering into new markets, participating in the customs and culture of these individual locations.

Joan Hamilton
Current DBA student

From entrepreneurs to CEOs, diplomats to consultants – our DBA candidates represent a diverse range of leadership backgrounds. All share a desire to collaborate, succeed and add to the knowledge of their field. Whether you seek a deeper understanding of your profession or simply a new personal challenge, our DBA gives you the platform to expand your knowledge and make a difference to international business practice.


Our DBA is flexible, allowing you to earn a high-level business qualification without pausing your career. It is self paced, giving you up to six years to complete the requirements. And by combining in-person courses with online e-learning, you have the freedom to study wherever your career and lifestyle takes you.

ISM’s presence across the globe lends a valuable global outlook to your studies. Our Paris and New York locations allow you to work towards your DBA in two of the world’s most influential business centers. Our programs in Cape Town, New Delhi, São Paulo and Shanghai, meanwhile, give you unrivalled insight into business cultures and practices in key emerging markets.

Minimum Entry Requirements:

  • Completion of a master’s-level program
  • Average of 8 years’ senior management experience
  • Steady career progression with increasing professional responsibilities
  • Strong written and spoken English

Don’t meet these requirements? Contact our Admissions Team to discuss your options. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Degree Requirements:

Over a four to six year period, each candidate must:

  • Accumulate a total of 54 credits
  • Complete a minimum of 21 credits of coursework, through a combination of seminars in Paris, seminars in other locations, and e-learning courses
  • Complete Case Study Analyses I & II
  • Complete the dissertation research project: an original piece of research relevant to the candidate’s continued career progression, and which critically assesses current international business theories, practices and problems

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