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Redefining Executive Education

Doing Business in Africa

This course will provide an introduction to the South African Political Economy as well as explore entrepreneurial developments in African emerging markets. Entre strategies and foreign direct investment in Africa will be addressed along with issues such as Africa’s recent growth performance, driver’s of Africa’s growth, business opportunities in Africa, and unique dimensions of doing business in Africa

Values Based Leadership and Sustainable Performance

This course will explore how the themes of responsibility, sustainability, and corporate growth can be reconciled. Furthermore, the course will deal with dimensions of leadership required to address diversity, conflict and transformation. Organizational culture and leadership from a global South African perspective will be discussed.

Marketing in Emerging Markets

This course will address strategic marketing and communications in emerging markets. The nature of the South African market will be discussed as well as factors that influence consumer decision making amongst low-income consumers, and social media in the African context. .

Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship

This course will seek to link social innovation to systemic change. It will explore South Africa with a focus on innovation, financial services, and distribution. Sustainable enterprise, corporate citizenship, and corporate social responsibility will be addressed along with responsible and sustainable investment. .

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