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My first priority was to study an American curriculum for my MBA. Secondly I wanted to study in France. I’ve always considered France to be such a melting pot, and Paris such an international center. So I was flipping through the Economist and I saw ISM’s ad. I go to their website and I find they have so many different student profiles! That’s really what convinced me: the international mix of the student body. I have to say I was surprised at my first seminar, because the maturity and the experience of the students really surpassed my expectations. Grad school is simply a different kind of education. Coming back to school is like a rebirth; e-learning just wouldn’t have worked for me. And the professors are very diligent in terms of their grading and comments. Going over my own work, I see they were right. The school itself does everything to make your education go smoothly. The payment plans are flexible and the staff is accommodating. I see teamwork being reinforced in the classroom, and that’s a great lesson for the workplace: that several people together can support each other to accomplish something greater than any one could do alone. We are constantly building on team efforts here. Now I am a quick learner. I hate tedium, I hate classes that drag along. The ISM curriculum is flexible enough that you can choose the subjects that interest you and open yourself up to new disciplines. You perceive new levels of thought. In the crisis management seminar, for example, I went through the exercises thinking about a crisis my organization had recently, and if I had known then what I know now, I could have really helped them through that. I can already see the impact of the seminars.

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